Pro-active Asset Management

Tricompas’ mandates routinely include portfolio decision making to enhance and produce optimum value.  Ms. Raso’s particular  skills with respect to Local, National and Global  proactive asset management include:

▪   Financing:

Pre-due diligence, financial strategies  to produce optimum value for financing purposes.  Access to capital. Facilitator,  negotiations.

Financing includes, real estate portfolios, corporations, movies, and fundraisiing initiatives

▪   Development and Re-development:

Ms Raso also worked on the development and re-development of local and international properties: site selection, site analysis, land assembly, feasibility studies, due diligence, , marketing strategies, pre-leasing, pre-sales, leasing policy, financial engineering, stress tests, zoning, municipal and other permits approvals, third party contract negotiations for design, project management and construction, board approvals, followed by implementation, progress reviews and delivery.

▪   Full range of leasing management services:

Creating and implementing leasing policies, lease negotiations  (new leases, renewals, expansions, and cancellations, expansions; etc)  for major portfolios (worth from 3 to 5 billion CAN$ each). Leasing policy includes analysis of market rates,  operating expenses, tenant inducements, options, free rental, net effective rate, etc.

▪   Supervision of property management team:

Creation of Local, National and Global policies;  supervision of delegated  authorities to local property managers, around the world.

▪   Exit Strategies

Recommendation for disposition, redevelopment and development according to ROI’s and market cycles within the applicable market sector and investment horizon.

▪   Other:

▪   Review of evaluations, environmental reports and the implementation of recommended remedies;

▪   Recommendations for capital improvement budgets, marketing program.