Samir Abboud, Samir Abboud Inc.


The mandates called upon Ms Raso to develop strategies for value optimization for real estate portfolios; propose and initiate strategies for real estate investments; define and implement programs for acquisition, disposition  and financing; consultant in the restructuring of real estate corporations; develop the investment policies for financing institutions and create the approval procedures for mortgage investments; counsel international organizations in their relocation to Montreal.

At each quarter for 3 consecutive years she forecasted the anticipated share value of Cambridge Leaseholds (4 billion $Can) to bring it public.  She followed the progress and worked on the restructuring of a corporation, and coordinated the sale of shares held by the Caisse de depot to American investors.

Philip O’Brien, Viger DMC International Inc.
(Développement Telemedia Inc. & Homburg Invest Inc.) 

Ms Raso has the ability to adapt quickly, she has an analytical mind, possesses sound judgment and problem solving skills.

Ms Raso prepared feasibility analyses for a development project worth over $200 million Can.  She executed her confidential work with vision, transparency and with professionalism and discretion.

Jonathan Wener, C.M, President, Canderel 

Thanks to her professional knowledge and her exceptional commitment, Ms Raso contributed significantly to the value creation of our American portfolio.

The consulting services, as well as the practical and technical recommendations of Ms Raso have helped us determine the best course of action.

Fernand Perreault, President, Real Estate Group, Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec 


I have known Ms Raso for several years and her real estate knowledge and expertise have been very appreciated. These years of collaboration have been positive and as have been the mandates we awarded her in our real estate portfolios across Canada, the United States and Europe, which include all the different real estate sectors situated in various international markets.

Ms Raso is a multi-talented person who posses an excellent mastery of all the facets of real estate.  Her role in terms of asset management included investment, re-investment, development, portfolio sales, leasing, financing, and portfolio re-structuring by identifying performing assets and non-performing assets.

Endowed with sound judgment she possesses a team spirit and easily shares her knowledge and expertise. Thanks to her experience, she has significantly contributed to the value creation of our portfolios.  She as also successfully leased the Centre de commerce mondial.

René Tremblay, President and Chief Executive Officer, Ivanhoé Cambridge  


Ms Raso prepared evaluations and recommendations for our performing assets and non-performing assets within our portfolios, by taking into account the market position of each building within various markets across Canada and the United States.

Ms Raso completed her confidential mandates with vision and transparency.  She has always demonstrated professionalism and discretion in her assignments.

Ms Raso developed value optimization strategies by recommending approaches for value creation, leasing policy, and capital improvement budgets, which reflected the particular market and position of each property.  She prepared reports and studies which were presented to various investment committees.

Solly Karkoukly, President,  Les investissements Mirelis Ltee

Ritz Carlton redevelopment, Montreal

Our firm required an urgent cost feasibility study and budgeting analysis for a major real estate re-development project in the Montreal area, of approximately $180 million (The Ritz Carlton condos and hotel complex) We called upon Ms. Johanna Raso, during a crucial period of the development phase, to provide us with her input and expertise in banking, finance and real estate in order to structure our budgets, including all soft costs and hard costs, as well as an excel program for the unit valuations. Throughout the assignment Mrs. Raso has demonstrated her great sense of knowledge responsibility and initiative and treated the whole project with utmost confidentiality.

We strongly recommend her work ethics and her capacity to evaluate financial courses of action.

Guy Charron, CA, Executive Vice-president and COO, Alexis Nihon REIT  


Considering her sense of values, her abilities in evaluation and her professional ethics, I recommend Ms Raso without reservation, as much for her professional as for her personal qualities.

It is with pleasure that I confirm that Ms Raso has prepared evaluations with recommendations on potential conversions.  She accomplished  her work with remarkable precision.

Tino Masecchia, Vice president,  MCap 


Her analysis facilitated our underwriting and our approval of a major financing.  We recommend her evaluation skills and her work ethic.

Tony Roy, Directeur Principal, Gestion de portefeuille, SITQ Immobilier 


Ms Raso participated in the due diligence for the acquisition and the sale of a participation in a portfolio of office buildings of La Défense in Paris.

Louiselle Paquin, Senior Vice-president, Finances, SITQ Immobilier 


Ms Raso has worked on asset management mandates, specifically in the analysis of the leasing policy proposed by property managers and the appraisal assumptions on our portfolios.  She has read and commented on environmental reports.  She has reviewed capital improvement budgets proposed by on-site property managers and made recommendations.  She has worked in several international currencies.





4 thoughts on “Clients

  1. While her professional achievements are incomparable, Ms Raso, during her free time, is also a member of the Rotary Club of Montreal. Her genuine interest in helping communities around the world, her devotion to the less fortunate and her incredible social skills help tremendously young people, like me, to make a difference in this world. Thank you!

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