“During my career, I have restructured major portfolios, financed high profile corporations, published economic articles and lectured at McGill University.

Throughout it all, I have remained focused on what I can do for society.

My articles are mainly focused on what drives humanity. My due diligence leans toward what is best for society. I have had the pleasure of being involved in philanthropic activities that have resonated with my high profile, high net worth clients in a special way.

I am honored to have these donors available in my events. They are the true heroes.

I welcome your thoughts on your organization’s mission. Let’s work together and with our combined efforts, we can inspire these donors at a whole other level.”

– Johanna Raso, MBA



    Expert for the National Film Board of Canada television documentary on Castor Holdings:  The Vanishing Real Estate.


    Expert on economic issues for weekly radio broadcasts (Radio-Canada).


    Authored articles on financing, real estate, infrastructure, and economic cycles on behalf  E-space Magazine, The Montrealer, and others.



Invited as Candidate for Borough Mayor in 2009.


Lecturer of a Harvard course at McGill University: Real Estate Investment Analysis.Called upon to as keynote speaker for banks (Desjardins,Montreal  Trust)  as well as various clubs and associations (BNI, Rotary, Desjardins).



La vie, le malheur, l’isolement, l’abandon, la pauvreté, sont des champs de bataille   qui ont leurs héros ; héros obscurs plus grands parfois que les héros illustres.                                                                                               –Victor Hugo, Les Misérables


As the founder of an global asset management firm, Johanna Raso has a distinct approach to philanthropy that comes from her  experience dealing with multi-national high net-worth CEO’s.  Her passion for philanthropy as a way to improve lives and catalyze societal change, grew out of the values she learned from her parents.

Johanna volunteered, as a friend, for over 25 years, to help many organizations, such as La Jeune Chambre de Commerce de Montréal, the Saint St John’s Ambulance Society, the Salvation Army, the Old Brewery Mission, Oxfam, La Fondation Paul Gerin-Lajoie,  and others.  More recently, she assisted  Table of Hope & Share the Warmth and became active in progressive positions within Rotary International. She offered new ideas that increased  attendance,  participation, and donations.  And it all comes from a real love for philanthropy.

The success of her organization has provided Johanna with the experience to pursue philanthropy in a more meaningful way.  Based on  the above alliances, and following the in-home care of her mother,  she began to lead formal, high profile fundraising initiatives. Some of these include leadership roles such as Honorary President of Sainte-Justine Hospital Foundation, Member of the National Board of Directors for the Royal Heraldry Society of Canada, Head of Fundraising for Quebec for the Saint John’s Ambulance Society,  member of the organizing committee of Share the Warmth, and  member of the Major Gifts Committee for La Rue des Femmes.

She has demonstrated the ability to provide each brand with the necessary exposure and ensured appropriate positioning and loyalty through her local, national and international network. She introduced ideas for increased visibility and strategies that advanced the fundraising objectives with target audiences.

Her fundraising initiatives have resonated well with her high profile, high net worth clients in a special way. and they have responded generously.


Chair,  375th-anniversary of Montreal in 2017 – for the Royal Heraldry Society of Canada (RHSC).

In May 2016 Johanna was appointed Chair of the Royal Heraldry Society of Canada (RHSC) committee to celebrate the 375th-anniversary of Montreal.  She proposed to the City of Montreal to regularize their flag and coat of arms.  In the process she suggested they might consider the First Nations’ presence in their logo. Today she is pleased to say that a re-design committee has been created at City Hall that includes members of the First Nations, as well as the Chief Herald of Canada, from the Canadian Heraldic Authority, to design such a flag. All this was achieved in record time!  It’s wonderful to foster collaboration between Government and the private sector.  It  is an honor to serve Montreal, Canada, and the First Nations.  Happy Birthday Montreal. Happy Birthday Canada.

Johanna Raso was appointed member of the major gifts committee from 2013 to 2015, for La Rue des Femmes, where they raised $2,5 million, and inaugurated the third house for homeless women, ‘La Maison Jacqueline (Desmarais),’ in May 2015.  This project aligned with the goals of the Mayor of Montreal, to reduce homelessness in the City.  She personally sourced over $500,000 worth of fundraising.  For instance, her clients  offered free venues for a annual events, offered to organize turn-key fundraising initiatives and offered free meeting rooms for fundraising purposes.

As the 2013 Honorary President of the CHU Sainte-Justine Foundation, Johanna’s leadership raised $85,000 compared to $130,000 for the previous 3 years combined.     This was a successful response to a major challenge in fundraising, which she achieved  by using strategic donor identification and then researching their habits and wants.     She personally attracted over 40% of the total funds raised via several new and fresh auction offerings from her clients, including a weekend at the Ritz-Carlton that fetched $5,000, and a signed Joan Miró lithograph valued at $15,000. She was appointed President in April 2013, the event took place on  May 30, 2013. She personally raised $36,000, i.e. $1,000 per day of her appointment.

For Rotary she held successive offices, invited over 100 speakers during 3 years, including Ambassadors, corporate leaders, and philanthropists, as well as a new McGill University initiative, among others. She introduced over 70 potential new members and  participants, and also devised a program for member recruitment and retention.

Today, Johanna is head of fundraising for Quebec for the St. John Ambulance, and a member of the National Board of Directors for the Royal Heraldry Society of Canada.

She is currently counseling established foundations in their strategic plans.

Johanna has demonstrated a dedication to professional integrity, the ability to share knowledge skillfully, and a desire to improve the world around her; hence her vocation as a consultant, lecturer, writer, caregiver and philanthropist.  Her passion for sharing knowledge is confirmed by her clients in their online testimonials that can be seen here:  .


Over 25 years’ experience in management and leadership roles, made valuable contributions to investor portfolios. Financed local, national and international clients.       A resourceful investment advisor and highly organized, executive, capable of providing synthesis, proficient in market trends, strategic planning and decision-making. Possesses excellent financial, research and negotiation skills, with a proven expertise in fundraising. University lecturer, published articles, radio commentator, former borough mayor candidate.

Capable of identifying sponsors in key fundraising initiatives to ensure success of fundraising events, via strategic alliances within an extensive local, national and international network of clients, investors, suppliers and philanthropists.   

Core knowledge and proven experience in:

  • Strategic relationship management
  • Supervised in-house and external teams of professionals and support staff
  • Network to provide client brands with the necessary exposure
  • Identified, introduced and managed relationships with suppliers and consultants
  • Responsive to major challenges in fundraising initiatives
  • Strategic donor identification, and target audiences
  • Innovative communications approaches
  • High-level communication & presenter skills
  • Ability to understand market forces
  • Board of directors experience
  • Fundraising, committees, and presidency experience.

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